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DC Motor (Metallurgic Crane's Drive)

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DC Motor ZZJ800 Metallurgic Crane's Drive

Description of DC Motor ZZJ800:
ZZJ800 series DC motors adopt two cooling methods: IC40 self-enclosed cooling   and IC17 pipe air ventilation cooling, and they also have 10 bedplate number (802-801) for choices. The rated current voltage can be selectable between 220V and 440V. Under the 500V, DC motors also can run regularly. The standard excitation voltage is 220V.

Feature of DC Motor ZZJ800:
1.Power supply: rotary current converter and thyristor supply
2. With proper rotor inertia
3. Large overloading torque, 2.6-2.7 times than rated torque when run, 2.9-3 times when start.
4. F class VPI (vacuum pressure impregnate) insulation
5. Epoxy coating on the surface make motors can run with high insulated resistance, even in rigorous environment.
6. Non-removable electric contacts are TIG-welded, ensure the high strength
7. For the standard model, the outlet box is located in the right side (see from the rotary side)
8. Other equipment can be equipped on: such as tachogenerator, optical coder, centrifugal switch, backpack type cooler.

Rated operation ways of DC Motor ZZJ800:
1. Outside ventilation continuous operation and totally enclosed operation for 60mins
2. Series excitation, totally enclosed operation for 30mins
3. Totally enclosed operation for 30mins

Applications of DC Motor ZZJ800:
ZZJ800 series DC motors can be used as the drive for rolling mills to stimulate the action of hoisting up, pressing down, rolling, etc.

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