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Blower Ventilated Three Phase Asynchronous Motor (Squirrel-Cage Rotor)YMZ

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Blower Ventilated Three Phase Asynchronous Motor (Squirrel-Cage  Rotor)YMZ

The squirrel cage three phase asynchronous motor is designed with the ventilation system in the cast iron pedestal, this design can lessen the motor size, and improve the efficiency.

Features of Blower Ventilated Three Phase Asynchronous Motor:
1. Cast-aluminum rotor to improve the electromagnetic and mechanical property.
2.Open type bearing with oil/grease supply/discharge device which prolong the oil/grease lubricating time, can avoid high bearing temperature for over supplying and free from oil/grease leakage
3. Outlet box is mounted on the top of the motor pedestal which cause easy cable connection, also can be installed on the side of the incline side
4. Compact size, lessen the installing space, easy to be moved
6. Meet ISO9001 requirment

Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is an industrial electric motor manufacturer, providing DC motors, Three Phase asynchronous motors, synchronous frequency converters, synchronous motors, etc.

We are sure, our three-phase asynchronous motors, DC motors, industrial electric motors, etc can service as the ideal drive to improve the working efficiency. 

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